Simple ways to improve the quality of your voice on your own

Listening to the voices of great singers like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston would really impress you.


These celebrities have sung a lot of songs that made it to the top hits.

Aside from them, many singers would make you wonder how they can sing and reach high notes without too much effort.

You may think that they are gifted.

Yes, they are, but don’t you know that you, yourself, can learn how to sing and improve the quality of your voice?

A lot of individuals want to sing but for some reasons, they find it hard to do this. They always say that practice makes it perfect, but the thing is, practice actually makes it better.

Take a look at the following simple ways that you can do to improve the quality of your voice and sing like your favorite singer.

Stand and breathe correctlymic-1132528_1920

In order for you to have a strong voice, it is important that you practice how to breathe properly and that is to take a deep breath.

You should inflate your stomach as well as your kidney areas as you inhale and exhale while you are in an upright position.

Try to put your hands on your waist with your thumbs on your back area and the rest of your fingers on the front.

As you breathe, you should feel the expansion and contraction.

Practice the correct mouth position

When you start to sing, make sure that your mouth is open wide, and it is relaxed. You can practice this by trying to breathe as you would just before you yawn.

But you have to prevent yourself from actually yawning.

Take a look at the space that is created by your mouth as well as that of your back throat.

This much of space is the correct mouth position that you need when you are singing a song.

Do vocal exercises

Before you sing, it would be helpful if you do some vocal exercises. This includes yawning that will help you stretch your mouth and even your throat.

You can also cough very gently or make a soft humming. All of which will condition and relax your vocal chords. Additionally, you can utilize sing scales.

Start with the low notes and gradually shift to the highest note that you can reach. Remember to do this slowly so as not to strain your vocal chords.

singer-340210_1920Maintain a healthy voice

If you want to be successful in improving the quality of your voice, you have to prepare yourself for some changes that you have to make in your lifestyle.

You should drink more water and eat foods that will make your voice healthy.

Avoid smoking as well as drinking alcohol.

You should also get enough rest and do not yell or shout as much as possible.