Six Reasons To Play Escape IQ

One of the best ways to reconnect with folks no matter the age difference is by playing Escape IQ. Whether on a game of checkers or spray gun spree, games have a way of unwinding today’s troubles. Notably, exit game los angeles are the new buzzers in town. They are a break from the old routine games we play whether online or real life. Be it team build exercise or going on a date, escape games ensure you of a good time. Well, here are top reasons to play escape IQ.

Top Reasons

Cuts across all age groups

Escape games are timeless with no age limit factor, unlike other games. This assfvsfdASDageless factor makes the game your ideal choose of relaxation. You can play with your kids while on vacation or during the holiday family reunions. The communication aspect of the game makes it a good choice for bonding purposes. While playing the game, you will be locked up in a room and expected to cooperate to escape the prison walls.

Change of routine

It’s time to spice things up; break away from norm dating night routine. What better way than playing escape with your partner in crime? While playing escape, you get to see each other in a whole new light. You can even carry along a double date with your buddies.

Great team building exercise

Perfect for team office team build as the game requires team cooperation to escape. During this exercise, you will get to learn the strengths and weakness of every team member. As you work together to avoid the trap set, you will be building trust- a reflector of what’s to come during the office hours.

Pocket friendly

Unlike other games like go-car driving that are pricey, escape games assure you of change in your pocket. You get to have fun at a cheap price. Escape games have baiting offers that you can’t resist. Like the more folks pay, the lower the price goes.

assdcSvdcasdThe next new thing in the gaming world

The social entertainment scene has embraced escape games. It is a fresh way to interact with folks and remain trendy. Playing escape games is a great way of thinking out of the box. As earlier mentioned, it’s a change from the norm.

Best for any occasion

Whether birthdays, anniversaries, charisma or Halloween, play escape is season free. No matter the occasion a game of escape is always fun. The fact that anyone can play makes it even better.…